Power supply shorted out by fan connector, is it ok?


I recently built a new computer, when putting the case back on an exposed extra fan connector (it was powered, connected to a pass-thru adapter on a peripheral plug) touched the s-video connector on the video card and the computer shutdown.

The computer appears unharmed (the video card already had issues so it is not in the computer any more), I do not have any hard drives I can use in the computer to test the peripheral plugs. It does successfully boot from a USB drive.

I would like to know whether the power supply or motherboard is likely to have been damaged or not.

This is the PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341048

Thank you very much.

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  1. Hi, if you can boot from usb drive then your mobo & psu are good. But how do you run your computer without HDD? Do you use SSD or what?
  2. I'm not using it right now, the HDD I ordered was bad. So was the replacement sent out, so I just got a refund and am currently waiting on it to be credited so I can buy a new one.

    I was wondering about the PSUs condition because if it needed replaced I figured it'd be best to know now so I can start figuring how I'm going to do it.
  3. If your psu can give power to your pc then it is ok. Nothing to worry. Just check if your pc is powering up.
  4. It is, alright I appreciate the answer :) I'm just paranoid because if it is broken I can't afford to replace it ya know.
  5. Actually latest psu have short-circuit protection. So your psu will save itself. And OCZ is a good brand, it will not damage that easy. So you dont need to worry that much.
  6. The OCZ ZS Series 650W (OCZ-ZS650W) uses an ST9S423 IC chip to provide the power supply protections that OCZ claims that it has.

    OCZ claims that this power supply has SCP (Short-Circuit Protection) but the datasheet for the ST9S423 (SMPS Supervisor) IC chip shows that it only supports OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (over Current Protection) and OTP (Over Temperature Protection).

    OCZ's claim of SCP (Short-Circuit Protection) doesn't seem to be supported.

    In case you're wondering, OCP is not the same thing as SCP.
  7. So, judging by the power supplies current situation (appears to be working fine) and the way it shut off, do you think any damage has been done?
  8. tom1995 said:
    So, judging by the power supplies current situation (appears to be working fine) and the way it shut off, do you think any damage has been done?

    I doubt that there's any damage.

    For assurance I would check all of the rails with a multimeter just to make sure they are all still operating within spec.
  9. I do not have a multimeter. How accurate is the BIOS voltage reading? It says +12 is running at 12.18.

    I'm not entirely sure that's the right rail to be checking but, it's the one for some reason I thought was right.
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