On board audio powerful enough?

Is the ALC892 audio chip on my motherboard capable of outputting 64 ohms?

I've read from Realtek's website that it has a headphone amplifier but i'm not sure how high it goes.Any insight would be appreciated.



ALC892 chipset
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  1. Does anyone have an answer to my question?
  2. Ok Guys.PLain and simple.I Bought a headphones thats rated for 65ohms.I want to know if my onboard sound card will support this or do I have to be a sound card?
  3. Have you tried google, MSI support and or, the product manual?

    Or I suppose you could continue asking the same question in an increasingly less patient tone.
  4. I've tried googleing.I've searched everywhere and I can't find a definitive answer.Some people say on board audio isn't powerful enough and others say it is.Just need someone with experience in the matter.
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