Nvidia 9200

is there anyway you can overclock an nvidia 9200 512mb?
ive downloaded msi afterburner and cpu-z.
the temp in cpu-z is stable at 58 degrees.
its only for a few day (5-6 days) as i am getting a sapphire radeon hd 5570

thanks alot
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  1. also when i play red faction armageddon
    the temp only goes up to 60-61 degrees
  2. this temp also remaind the same playing game,
    actually it went down to 58 degrees while it was overclocked.

    GPU core clock from 500 to 600Mhz
    shader clock form from 1200 to 1440 Mhz
    GPU memory clock from from 1334 to 1500Mhz
  3. What motherboard do you have? Are you sure you even have a PCI-e slot?
  4. erm i dunno what it is lol
    but ive already had a different thread and i asked what graphics card i can use,
    and everyone said i can have this.
    yeah is it an x16 the big 1? its an acer aspire x3400
    its got an x16 and an x1 lol
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