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I currently have a gigabyte motherboard with an AM3 socket and a 770 chipset. My video card is a sapphire radeon 5850 toxic and i have a phenom II 965. For christmas I'm upgrading to a HD 7950 so i can play planetside2 on max settings. Will the 770 chipset or the 965 bottleneck the GPU? Next summer i plan on upgrading to an FX8350 so i want to get a new motherboard. Due to the price difference I don't want to buy an i7 even though they are faster overall. The FX8350 fits my needs and budget.

I must upgrade the motherboard to an AM3+ socket. However, i can cut the price in half if i just get a different 770 based motherboard. Do I need to go with a 970, 990x or 990fx? I will only be using 1 videocard so i think the FX is unnecessary.

Any help/opinions are appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. While you are still using the 965 then your current board is fine. The board does not affect gaming like a CPU does and if you have a slight CPU bottleneck then you can always do a mild overclock. 970 chip set board is all you will need.
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    The 965 will not bottleneck any of today's current GPU's along with the 970 mobo, Even running a 6990 or 690 is wont bottleneck as long at the res is high, Mobo really does not effect gaming, By the time it shows its age is when the mobo can't use newer cpu's so you would run into a cpu bottleneck way before the mobo starts to be a problem.
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