Asus Z8NA-D6, Xeon X5680 and Wintec DDR3 ECC Reg don't work together

I took some cpus and memory out of a server and tried to stick them in a workstation to beef it up a bit. But when I install the CPUs and memory, nothing comes up on my screen. I don't get any error beeps either. The hard drives spin up like they are suppose to, all the lights are where they should be. Everything is visually fine with my workstation EXCEPT nothing comes up on the screen. I take out one cpu and only have the primary CPU populated and I only populate 1 mem bank (the required mem bank according to the docs) and I get the same results. I found some other memory around the house that I didn't take from my server and tried that and I get the same result. What do you think could be the cause. I checked the docs and both the memory and CPU are supported by the motherboard. Here are the specs that I have...


CPU - INTEL Xeon X5680

MEM - Wintec 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Registered DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)

p.s. The memory and CPUs where both transported in anti-static bags as well.
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  1. The X5680 (130W) are not supported. According to the specs, the ASUS Z8NA-D6 supports:

    Six-Core/Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® X5600/X5500 Series (95W)
    Six-Core/Quad-Core/Dual Core Intel® Xeon® E5600/E5500 Series (80W)
    Six-Core/Quad-Core/Dual Core Intel® Xeon® L5600/L5500 Series (60W/40W/38W) Processor

    The Intel Xeon X5672 (95W) are the fastest supported processors.
  2. But wouldn't the mobo ramp down the voltage of the cpu to make it compatible?
  3. Not unless Asus makes BIOS changes, but then customers would complain that performance isn't optimal.

    You have 2 options:
    1. Buy compatible processors;
    2. Get a motherboard that supports your processors, e.g. Z8PE-D12 or Z8NR-D12.

    I'd probably select option 2 if optimal performance is important.

    That is my case. Since those boards are bigger then the one I have, would they fit in that case?

    p.s. Performance is important.
  5. Presuming that you have (your link is incorrect), then it won't fit as the largest supported motherboard is ATX. Any reason why you selected a gamer case for a workstation? That severely limits your motherboard options. You may want to visit as they have several Intel 5500 ATX motherboards with 6 DIMM slots.

    Make sure that your processors are supported because a few models are limied to 95W processors. I strongly recommend that you contact the manufacturer before buying.
  6. I got the game case because it could fit my extremely long video card. I don't prefer a gamer case at all. The window on the side panel and the annoying blue lights are pointless. But I love antec cases over any other case and that was the case I could find that could fit my huge video card.
  7. I just got word from another reliable source that even if I could get this cpu to work, it's not advised to put a 130w cpu in a 95w socket and could do harm to my mobo over time.

    I just want this fixed and over with so I did some checking and I found this cpu...

    It is a 95w CPU so it should work. Do you guys see any problems with using this CPU? I checked and the old CPU that used to be in this computer was also a 95w cpu as well (Xeon E5502 Nehalem 1.86GHz). Yeah, it's expensive but it's dual CPU compatible so I can get the second cpu later on when I have the money or if I really need it.
  8. The X5675 is on the supported CPU list.
  9. Can you send me a link to the list?
  10. It's at the link that you provided in your first post (CPU Support List tab):
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