GTS 450 value for my money?

Hey guys. I'm planning to buy a good graphic card after my finals with my hard earned allowance. My budget is about $130. Which card would be best under that price?

IS GTS 450 value for my money and suit for my system?

my pc

Intel e5200 2.50ghz
2gb ddr2
Corsair cx 500
8400SE (This gpu im running now)
i played at 1280 by 1024

my mobo GIGABYTE :

im not a hardcore gamer im a fan of mid range games. :)
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  1. the GTS 450 is a good value if it's around 80-90 bucks, not for $130. For $130 you should be able to find a 768mb version of the GTX 460 or for a little less the HD 6770. As low as your resolution is though a GTS 450 would be a pretty good card, just don't spend $130 on it.
  2. I would go for the 6770.Its quite a bit faster than the gts 450.But at that resolution you should be fine with either.If you plan on going higher resolution your cpu is going to be the bottleneck in this situation.And for a few extra bucks The gtx 550 ti and the 6790 are the cream of the crop!Just watch out cause some of the 6790's require 2-6pin pci connectors,But either way will work fine with a 500 watt psu!
  3. thanks for the response. i cant wait to buy it. :)
  4. agreed. i spent like a month trying to spend only 120 or less on a card. the gtx 460 was what i set as a standard of performance, but was too high in price. the 5770 seemed to out perform the GTS 450 by quite a bit, so thats what i went with.

    i think i completely ignored anything with a 6xxx as i assumed it would be too much. after more research, the 6770, and 5770 are about 99.99% identical in every way.
  5. thanks
  6. Also, i just read what your resolution was.. i play pretty much all my games maxed out( shogun 2, BF:BC2, ) and i run my resolution at 1600x 1200.

    so a 5770/6770 would be just fine. but it is almost considered low end by today's new bad boy cards. again though, you said you aren't a hard core gamer, this should suit you just fine.
  7. so you mean i am okay with GTS 450? im on tight budget :D
  8. can you not find a 5770/6770 cheaper? when i was looking they were the same price.,2834-7.html

    i cant seem to find the current one, but this chart places the 5770/6770 one tier above the GTS 450.

    i completely understand tight budget. but if given a choice, id go 5770/6770.
  9. thanks!
  10. i choose gts 450 because it will not bottleneck my CPU
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