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Hi guys, can help me with this question, I'm running i5 3470 with p8z77-v pro with 4gbx2 G.Skill SNIPER 1600mhz 1.5volts. I wanna put some more ram into my rig and i try order the same brand ram but unfortunately the ram is out of stock, the question is can i insert other brand ram that is also 1600mhz with 1.5 volts except it is not G.Skill ram?...will there be any issue when 2 brand stick in 1 motherboard?...thanks in advance....
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  1. Generally no, as long as the same ram is paired in dimms you should not have a problem.
  2. meaning if i get other brand like hyperX with the same speed and timing if will fit in without any problem?
  3. Use same speed, timing, and voltage. You'll be fine. Recommend you check the motherboard QVL list.
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