First Build - Critique and Advice Requested

Greeting Hardware Masters,

I need a computer to replace an obsolete pc. I will be using it for heavy music production workloads, movie (firewire support required) and photo editing, massive data analysis using excel/acess and ultimately gaming (everything from MAME to the state of the art 3d FPS).
Besides what would be needed to support the above workloads, these are other features I need

Nothing can be salvaged from the pc I am replacing.

First I would like to get an operational build without the GPU. I will later add a GPU once the budget permits. I will plan on spending between 200-300 dollars on a GPU.

First build phase budget would be 1,000 EUR

CPU- i7-2600k

Motherboard -Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3

Power Supply-Corsair CX Series Netzteil PSU 600W

RAM-G.Skill F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL

HDD-Caviar Black WD1002FAEX

DVD -Sony AD-7260S-0B

OS - Windows 7 Home

Case- ? (asking advice on a good first build case)

SSD- (asking advice on affordable SSD to run OS and common apps)

Monitor - need a good gaming monitor under 200 dollars which allows for the screen to be rotated 90degrees.

I hope I have provided enough info, if not, let me know what else I can provide to give you guys enough info for some solid advice.

Thanks in advance for all your time and effort in helping me design the little dynamo that will power my Man Land.
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  1. You can try to get another 4 to 8gb ram as video editing especially programs like Adobe love 12gb and up.

    Then scratch disks will also be a plus. What they normally do is use two disks in a Raid config which provides better performance.

    For a monitor you can look at this one
  2. Video editing applications use the hard caches so spinners performs better In them normally. Not a good idea to use a ssd as a scratch disk.
  3. Oh right well 60GB will do for the OS and apps then.
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