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I recently bought some G.Skill ARES F3-1600C10D-16GAO RAM. I would like to use it on an ASRock B75 Pro 3 motherboard. However, neither the motherboard nor the RAM are specifically listed as being compatible with each other on the respective manufacturer websites. However, according to the G.Skill site the RAM is compatible with B75 motherboards. Are these compatibility lists exhaustive or is there a chance that the RAM and motherboard will work together? In other words, just because a component doesn't specifically list another component as compatible, does that necessarily mean they aren't?

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    The DDR3-1600 CAS 10 kit should work fine on any B75 or for that matter LGA 1155 MOBO, but in order for the kit to run at it's Rated Frequency and CAS Timings requires an Ivy Bridge CPU. For example a Sandy Bridge with that chipset (B75) will only run at DDR3-1333 Frequency.
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  3. Sounds good! Much thanks! :)
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