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Ati 6870 crossfire or 1 gtx 480

Hello, at the moment I have 2 ati 6870 cf, but should I trade for gtx 480?
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  1. Are the 2 CFed HD6870s not meeting your needs in some way? If you don't have an issue, why trade?
  2. Oh they are but, im just not used to cf and I read that 1 card is better then cf. But, now that I think of it the cards are bout half a year old and they are running great and havent had issues with them, so I'll just keep them xD
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    6870 CF will beat a GTX 480 any way you look at it, so I'd stick with that.
  4. Alright sounds good thank you guys for your help, and I really do like the 6870s so kinda retarded for me to trade them now that I think about it.
  5. Keep your money for a major upgrade in the future. Have fun!
  6. id say if you dont like microstuttering (if you are experiencing it) then swap for the 480, then you wont have microstuttering and overall better playability, regardless of what benchmarks say.
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