Running with 512Mb Ram slower than with 256?

I heard somewhere that a Win98 system runs slower with 512Mb ram than with 256Mb.
I need 512Mb for ACAD and Photoshop but what with my games, will I lose fp/s with the upgrade?
I have a dual boot system, one 98SE with all the tooters and bells for normal work and one 98Lite for gaming.
Anyone who can help with this one?
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  1. That's only true when you mix modules, in which case the memory bus will dumb down to accommodate the modules w/ greater latency.
    Conversly, I've never seen real world performance differentials between systems w/ 256 and 512 mb of RAM.

    Maybe one of you CAD people can address this issue w/ more authority...

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  2. Thanks Brainy,
    I have 2- 256Mb modules Muskin PC133 cas2, so I don't have to worry I think

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  3. it depends on which motherboard you use and which processor thats about it ram does matter just use ram with the same latency and fsb, as i see you are, that system should run a lot sweeter with 512 than with 256
  4. Also, Windows gets stupid sometimes and thinks that more memory means you need more virtual memory. As you know, virtual memory is hard drive memory and is slow. Windows loves to use Virtual Memory over physical memory sometimes. It's a mystery.

    -MP Jesse
  5. Hi Jesse,
    That can't be a problem.
    One can tell Windows to use ram memory rather than the swap file.
    Open "system.ini" in Notepad and add this line after [386Enh] (without quotes)
    Now Windows will use the ram first and after that the swapfile.
  6. Thanks to all of you for the replies guys.
  7. Just when you thought you had all the information-I've heard that it takes windoze a few nanoseconds more to access large ammounts of ram. I don't think you'd be able to find the difference though. What I can tell you is that it definately will NOT speed your system up unless you are running those specific applications. Extra ram just sits there.

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  8. Do you know of any Win NT 4.0 tweaks (like the system.ini tweak for Win98)?

  9. Hey unco, how come youre Stewguru?
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