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Corsair Graphite 600tm and AX850


I am planning to change my computer soon and 2 of my biggest concerns are the computer case and the power supply. Here is what I think so far for the other pieces.

-Mobo Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
-Cpu I5-2500k
-GPU Radeon 7970 3gb
-SSD Crucial M4 128gb
-Memory Corsair Vengeance 8gb
-Cpu cooler hyper 212
-LG Dvd Burner

Must have room and enough power for upgrade (2nd HD, 2nd 7970 for Crossfire, BD writer, memory, etc) and maybe a little overclock later.

For the case, I'm looking for a mid tower around 100-150$ with a fine look, well build and lots of fans. I am thinking of the Corsair Graphite 600tm or Coolermaster Haf922. Any tough or suggestion?

For the power supply, my first pick was the Corsair AX850 (gold, modular, crossfire ready). Is 850w enough for future upgrades? Should I go for more, like Corsair HX1050? Any suggestion around 200$?

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  1. Great choices. Ax850 and 600t are both a good choice.
  2. Thanks for your comments!

    I was also considering the haf912. I see that you have it, how is it ? Do you recommend it?
  3. veganfanatic said:
    I like the HAF chassis too, been considering it myself

    for 2 7970 type cards the AX1200 is ideal and will not be annoying

    I was considering the AX1200 but i felt it was overkill and maybe a bit too much pricy. I'll consider it.

    Thanks for your suggestion
  4. Haf 932 or a haf x would suit you better.
  5. amuffin said:
    Haf 932 or a haf x would suit you better.

    They are both full towers, I would like to stay with a mid tower unless I have no other choice.

  6. Haf 922.
  7. HAF's are kind of ugly but thats just me. I have been using the CM690 II advanced, so far the best investment made.
  8. The Corsair AX850 has 4 8 pin connectors, and is a single rail unit with 70a on the 12v rail.

    It is more than sufficent to power two HD 7970's
  9. Your new rig specs. are almost identical to mine. Right now I'm leaning towards the Corsair Special Edition Graphite Series 600T White for only $160 (free shipping) at amazon.

    For the PSU (mind you I'll be upgrading to SLI gtx 580s by summer) I'm leaning towards:

    - Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold (SPG) 1200 Watts Modular Power Supply $233. (amazon)

    or the

    - Corsair Professional Series HX1050 80 Plus Silver Certified 1050-Watt $203. (amazon)

    My specs so far:
  10. I would stead clear of both the CMPSU-1050HX...

    1200W is really kind of over kill for only 2 HD 7970's.

    The AX850 is an excellent unit. I would just go with that.
  11. The 600T is a great case. I've had one for around eight months now and my complaints (minor) are as follows.

    1. Weak fan controller. 0.5A per channel max unless you want to blow it up, even then no guarantees.
    2. Lame USB 3.0 pass through cable instead of a 20 pin MB hookup.
    3. It didn't come with a free bag of chips.

    That's pretty much it. And the first complaint is really minor since Corsair has great customer service and good warranties. You may also consider a 500R if you're into air cooling, its supposed to have improved airflow over the 600T and is probably preferrable if you don't plan on mounting radiators inside your case (looks cooler IMO too).
  12. veganfanatic said:
    keep in mind if a HD 7970 user sets the BIOS switch to BIOS2 then the power consumption goes way up

    Even with 100% load without overclocking and what not, a user is going to be lucky to be able to hit 500W... There is plenty of room between 500 and 850 to do what ever you want.
  13. Thanks all for you replies!!

    Still hard to figure the power supply I need... Some says 850, some says 1000 and more... I guess I should go for a 1000W to be "future proof" just in case I need it later. I think it is better to pay 50$ more now instead of 250$ later. Extra power wont hurt but might be useful in the future. I will go either with Corsair HX1050 or something else from Antec or another good brand. AX1200 might be too much for my need, I don't want to overpay for nothing.

    87ninefiveone: thanks for the comments on your case. I will go for this one if it is in my budget or go with the lower version 400r or even the haf922 to save 50-75$. They seem to do a great job also.

  14. LOBOBAST said:
    Funny how the Corsair has the most feed back and highest review rating on newegg out of all the 1000W PSU you suggest.

    I guess it is always personal taste or personal experience. The reviews by users from sites like tigerdirect, ncix, newegg, amazon, etc. were very good for this product, same thing about the reviews from tech site. But I'm not a pro and that's why I asked the question here :)

    TotalKnowledge: Thanks for the suggestions. There are many solutions around 200$ but the only brands that I have recommendations for are Corsair and Antec. For the others, I don't know which one is good and which one I should stay away. I'm trying to go with the list of the recommended power supply for the video card (from the AMD website) and that is 80plus silver or gold and Crossfire.

    What do you guys think about XFX? Thermaltake? CoolerMaster?

    Thanks again!
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    LOBOBAST said:
    Funny how the Corsair has the most feed back and highest review rating on newegg out of all the 1000W PSU you suggest.

    Most popular =/= best...

    I am also not saying its a bad unit, its just not the best...

    Seasonic is one of the top manufacturers of PSU's. XFX units are made by Seasonic. I would go for the XFX...
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