Z77 extreme 3 core i3

hey guys, i tried to go from an amd mb and cpu to a intel and forgot i had to install my windows which is..always fun. When i tried to install new cpu/mb i put the hdd in the 6gb/s slot accidently, corrected and computer attempted to start and failed because it said that the hdd got disconnected or is faulty. I installed my old my/cpu to try and be able to atleast use the computer till i could get a windows 7 install and back up my files but that didnt work either, gave me same error, did i fry the hdd accidently putting it into the 6gb/s slot? If not how do i correct so i can atleast use the computer. I dont want to format this hdd because i got 1tb of stuff on it and a lot of it is pretty personal and important, any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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  1. No, the HDD should be fine. Try a different SATA cable and make sure that the power cable is properly connected to the HDD.
  2. did, still wont load. Cousin came over and said i need a new windows which is fine and all cept i dont have a windows cd..so..im at a loss of what to do.
  3. k so im trying to reinstall it to the hdd, and it cant find the hdd, checked the controller in the bios and it says its enabled so..idk wtf is wrong. Im pretty sure at this point i fried it.
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