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A $10 keyboard that i can use it for Gaming ?

i know there is no keyboard that is designed for gaming for $10 .. am looking for the best keyboard thet i can get it to use it for long time hardcore gaming for $10 or less :p from newegg

i don't know what keyboard keys type should i get (high keys or slim keys or medium)

just post a link .. thanx
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  1. keyboards are really a thing of person preference, pick one that you find comfortable, if its not its going to be killing you after a longer session. What type of key you get really depends on you, im not fond of the short keys on laptop keyboards nor the silly scissor mechanism they have to use so i always stick with more conventional style keyboards but i do know people who actually like the short keys for regular typing.
  2. LOL, how i will found if a keyboard is comfortable ?

    just post a link of a keyboard and why you think is the best i can get.
  3. Go to best buy or staples or walmart, they usually have keyboards layed out that you can try. I certainly wouldnt get a $10 keyboard online it will probably have $9.95 shipping on it(quick check, newegg has 2 keyboard products under 10 with freeshipping and only 14 total under 25 with free shipping out of 214 products). For something that cheap try it out and pick it up in a real store.
  4. White Keyboard $13 + Free Shipping

    Black Keyboard $10 + Free Shipping

    I have the Rosewill Black keyboard but it has hotkeys.It's a pretty good keyboard for the money but it is cheap but so are all the keyboards for $10.If you want a really good keyboard you should ook for a mechnical keyboard and look to spend around $30+.
  5. IBM Model M with USB adapter ;)

    Best Keyboard ever made.
  6. Keyboards an Mice are really subjective items. What may be good for one person is trash to another. I never could use an Intel ergonomic, curvy keyboard. Some people have the desire to use a $150.00 mouse. I like my Logitech $30.00 wireless.
    BTW, I'm using an AST standard keyboard, no WIN symbol or anything like that. This sucker is more than 20 yrs old and works just fine.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  7. I bought the cheap keyboard at walmart. I drink while playing video games and spills are a huge problem. When I get home I'll tell you what brand I have. It's an amazing keyboard. It has survived around 5 soda/beer spills so far. I've had previous keyboards die after just one.

    I do like those curved keyboards for typing. I had one in college and it was great. For gaming however they suck horribly. The keys are in the wrong spots and in a hurry you'll press the wrong one.
  8. i just asked for a some newegg links of gaming keyboard for $10 and all i got is some people stories about there keyboards :(

    and the dude ho posted 2 links" the first was a chocolate keys keyboard which not good for gaming .. and the other one is for $13 :(

    and this is the 3rd sad face :(
  9. Whats wrong with Chocolate keys? The Chocolate keyboard is the one that's $13.
    The Rosewill one I linked is for $10 and it's the only one offered by newegg that's for $10.Every other keyboard doesn't have free shipping and add's another $6.
  10. The story had a point. If you are rough on your keyboards, don't get an expensive one. What I also should have said is that at $10, you can't really get a good one either. If you were asking for the best keyboard for $75 thats different. But at $10 they are really more or less all the same.
  11. That's what I was saying.Their not the best of quality.I only bought mine because I needed a fast replacement but at least I got mine for $10 and it has hotkeys.
  12. its not necessary to be $10 .. any thing less will be great
    and its not necessary to be "free shipping"
    this is the list:
  13. i was thinking of this one:

    its a slim keyboard which mean the keys height is lower than the stranded keyboards keys.

    i don't know if its good for gaming and will it stick together while am pressing hard and fast, and will it be comfortable for my hand while playing.
  14. you can get one on craglist for free, take on from the library or school, electronics recycling firm. Many places to get keyboards for less than 1 dollar
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    The problem with not getting something that has Free Shipping is that they will jack the price up.Something that would normally be $5 will add another $7 for shipping and now you've just paid $12 for a $5 keyboard.Also it puts you over your budget of $10.

    That keyboard looks nice.

    My $10 keyboard I've owned for about 3 months and while it's very cheap feeling it plays fine.My only dislike about it is the way it feels when I type fast.If your paying $10 for a keyboard you can't really be picky about the features and what not although the hotkey's are a nice bonus.
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