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Hello, I'm getting strange purple pixels flashing in games when i run crossfire with my 2x 6950 2gb one card is a brand new sapphire the other is a power color card which i picked up second hand the used one is my slave card as the sapphire has better cooling.
When i disable crossfire the purple pixels are gone i'm thinking the used card is faulty any suggestions?

My spec is core 2 quad 9300 @3.41ghz 2x 6950 2gb 6 gb ocz reaper ddr 2 @1091mhz p5qpro mobo
pc power and cooling 910watt psu
xfi extreme gamer
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  1. Forgot to mention i've had no issues for a month then this happend yesterday.
  2. Run the setup with only the new card running do some test, like furmark 3d mark, unigine etc. If the purple pixels turn up again then RMA that card
  3. Done no purple pixels they seem to be visible in lighting effects in 3d games not sure if that helps.
  4. There must be some one nerdier than me who knows what i should try next i really don't want to return the used card if i can help it so any ideas would be awesome!
  5. I have the same problem with my 5870 CF setup. It just started doing this about a week ago. I actually suspect my Bridge connectors are faulty. I ordered new ones, I will let you know if this solves the issue. I have tested both cards individually and they work fine. I have tried the last three driver releases from ATI as well.
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