RAM DDR3 upgrade. MIX, or get new?

Hi there Community!
I happen to have a 2x2GB kit DDR3 1600MHz CL8 Ram, and due to gaming needs and personal consumerism ( :p ) I decided to upgrade to 8Gigs.
I wonder now, how to do it, get a new set of 2x2GB Ram, so total=4x2, or get rid of the original RAM, and get new ones in 2x4GB sticks?

My mobo is P7P55D and supports Dual Channel.

The Ram I own is the OCZ DDR3 1600 "AMD BLACK EDITION READY" -link at the end- (I have Intel lol..), CL8 @1.65v.
I certainly will NOT find Identical Ram Model, so the option is to get smthing similar, @1600MHz and 90% different company and timings (CL9 not 8).
So is it cool and normal to mix them together, (and manual control the timings through BIOS) or I should not try experiments, and buy 2x4 New.
(--the default 1.65V bugs me on the OCZ. probably cause of the CL8?)

Of course it's better and safer to go for 2x4, but will the difference justify the cost? It will be ~80% greater, I can get 2x2 @25€ and 2x4 @40€ approximately. (will not sell the one I own now).

Thanks guys+girls, may the light guide you ( :bounce: ...lol)

+2x2 DDR3 ram link: [ http://www.ocztechnology.com/ocz-ddr3-pc3-12800-black-edition-ready-cl8-dual-channel.html ]
ATI HD 5850
etc irrelevant.
Oh! and Windows 7 -64bit
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  1. i think it depends on whether you want to get the most out of the memory by overclocking it a bit, or not, and whether you have the money to spend on fast ram to add to what you have.

    if you render (audio or video) at all then the faster memory will help - if u just game every now and then, don't sweat it and get another 2x2GB kit
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