Nvidia quadro 135M question PLEASE HELP

Hi guys,

quick question

I have a dell D630 and i want to run three monitors independently, i know i can run 2 because i have the PR01X docking station which has both a VGA and DVI port wich the 135M picks up.

What i was wondering is can i get a usb to dvi adapter to run a third monitor and with the 135M pick up ther third monitor to be independent of the other two.

I have been slaving over this for days trying to find a cheap solution withought going with the MATROX. please help!
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  1. Anybody anybody?
  2. Nope, sorry, no such thing as "USB-to-DVI". The bandwidth required to run DVI is not even a small fraction that USB offers. You are stuck with two monitors.
  3. Besides, if you wanted to run three monitors, you would have gotten a desktop , not a laptop... kind of defeats the purpose of a "laptop' dont you think?
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