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System does not like my molex connector

I have these same 4pin molex to 3-pin harness connectors in my other PC to daisy chain multiple fans. I am trying to connect a side fan atm for a different PC.

Truthfully the 4pin molex is coupled with a 3pin(actually only 2pin) harness connection for added fans. I daisy chained from the molex powering the DVDROM to the molex harness to the 3pin fan via the 3pin(2pin) connector. When i do make the connection the computer will not post. I d/c and reset, and the pc will post.

I decided to give a single fan its own molex connection. Same thing happens, the pc will not post. D/C and reset and get a post.

The fan runs the whole time it is on the splash screen, but it just sits there w/o posting.....

I do have a second harness i can try, but that is just awkward a single fan halts the post....

I have a 600w OCZ modXstream psu. I dont really need to post other info since the computer works

The computer has been on for more than 48 hours and I have been running stress tests and playing different games w/o any problems. This single fan is the only issue!

Edit: All the mobo fan connections are full btw, hence the need for the added harness.
Any ideas?
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  1. Try a different fan.

    Yes, I know you said the works. But, ... try a different fan.
  2. jsc said:
    Try a different fan.

    Yes, I know you said the works. But, ... try a different fan.

    Its an idea :na: This fan is the only one w/ a light..... doubt it makes a diff but will give it a whirl!
  3. I booted up , all fans connected. Hanging at splash screen. I unplugged side fan and used a different one. PC posted and i d/c'd fan and resintalled both fans to there respectful spots during loading screen. Hit the reset button. PC posts and all fans running great! :heink: Oh well, it worked. Thanks for the help! :whistle:
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    Glad to help.

    Hey, I do this for a living - well, not PC's but electronics maintenance. And I occasionally run into off the wall problems that leave me scratching my head and thinking, "Well, I thought I knew something about electronics."
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