ATI radeon hybrid and recording gameplay

i currently trying to decide on a GPU for a new system i am going to build however one of the main things i want to be able to do on my new system would be to record myself playing LoL.
Ive tried it on my current system and well it was pure fail (apparently work best with twin GPUs), so i started looking at what upgrades i would need and decided my 4 year old system need completely replacing, the mother board i am looking to get apparently has a build in ATI GPU that can use "hybrid crossfire" which from what i have read means i could have my main GPU running my game and the built in GPU recording (in theory).
So i was wondering does anybody know if the ATI HD5750 (sapphire, XFX, etc i dont really know the difference between these) can use the hybrid crossfire?
and could it be used in the way im wanting to?

also just anything other advice is welcome too when i comes to recording playing pc games and the system im wanting to build which i want to be a mid-price gaming system about £300-£400 in cost

parts im thinking abou so far:
MOBO = Foxconn A7DA-S 3.0
PSU = Alpine 650W
CPU = AMD Phenom II X4 860/965
RAM = 2X4GB DIMM 240pin DDR3 1066 MHz
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  1. You can use FRAPS to record game play . The free version only records 30 seconds at a time , but paying for the program gives you better options
  2. Hybrid crossfire only works for very weak gpu's in combination with also weak on board gpu's, and if you were to use it you could not have one do the recording while the other handles the game or whatever else. You can't just assign recording tasks to different gpu's that's not how it works, if you are recording something, then your system spreads the workload out over whatever resources you have available. And a 5750 is far more powerful than any of those hybrid crossfire setups, like I sadi they are for very weak gpu's and should not be considered a viable option for any time of gaming or gpu intensive activities.
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