I have an NXZT-M59 case which currently has two 3-pin fans, and an M4A88TD-V EDO/USB3 motherboard. I'd like to add 3 PWM fans, but this motherboard only has one PWM header which is currently used by the CPU cooler. I've considered using the 4-way PWM splitter made by Gelid to accomplish this. One for the CPU cooler, and the other three for the proposed case fans. Is this the only way to add PWM fans to my computer, or is there a better way? I want better cooling, but I don't want my computer to sound like a feight train, and I prefer that the fan speed be set by the motherboard BIOS--no more noise that necessary.
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  1. connect them to molex connectors , using quiet fans and a front panel fan controller that fits in to a drive bay
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