Ram Fins Touching CPU Cooler Heatsink

I just installed my Cooler and RAM and noticed that the top of my 4th RAM is just touching the bottom of the CPU Cooler's heatsink. Is there going to be a problem?

In addition, my power cable for the CPU is wrapping around the top of my RAM. Is this safe to do?

Mobo: AsRock Z77 Extreme4
CPU Cooler: CM Hyper Evo 212
RAM: Patriot Viper
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    Can you not pop that cable out closer to the top so it doesn't do that?

    Can also turn the heatsink out the back and offset the fan slightly if necessary. I'd rather not have actual contact between the two but that's me...
  2. The CPU Power Cable is not long enough to stretch. That is the furthest I can get it. Is that not safe?

    I'd prefer the heatsink to not make contact with the RAM as well. I can't move the heat sink at all as there is only one position for it. The cooler fan is not touching the RAM. Only the most bottom metal plate of the heat sink is making contact with the very top of the 4th RAM.
  3. It's safe just kinda odd. Might try getting an extender and movinv it when u get a chance.

    I have the same mobo n cooler and the normal method is to mount the cooler 90 deg left of how u have it (i do). Then u just slide the fan up a little so it clears.
  4. Alrite, cool. I'll give it a shot later tonight. Just scary cuz you need to push down hard on the motherboard when tightening up the screws on the cooler. I felt like I was going to snap my board.
  5. Yep - i thought the same thing. Also had a great grinding noise when pushing down the cpu retention arm...
  6. You want the heatsink turned so the fan is over the ram. And it should not require a lot of force to screw in. Make sure the screw hole is clear and the screw is going in straight. The cpu wire might be better off not in the cable management hole and just running beside the mobo.
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