Graphics Card for My PC

Hi, I been recently looking for a video card preferably that's 1GB for my system.

My Specs are:

Intel Pentium D @ 1.66Ghz
Motherboard: MSI 945GM5 V2

I'm looking for something without Power Connectors and is pretty good.

If you need to ask my any questions, Please do!
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  1. Over 512mb of ram is basically useless on any card you should be thinking of putting in that system so just ignore the amount of ram on cards. The most you should bother with considering your processor is something like this;
  2. 5570. The 4650 or GT240 could also work.
  3. ^+1. Radeon 5570 only comsumes 50 Watts and could max out most games. I used the Radeon 5570 on a 220W and it worked perfectly =D. The other option would be the Radeon 5670.
  4. You probably don't have an ancient P4D however. Did they even make one at 1.6?
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