Is it still worth buying Radeon 6970 for gaming

6970 has been released for over a half year.
Is it still worth buying it for gaming (Battlefield 3/ MW3) ?
or wait for the new Radeon 7 series (i dunno the exact date of release)?
Any suggestions or other graphic cards i can choose?
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  1. no Just buy 8400GS it can run HIGH SETTINGS IN ALL HARDCORE GAMES.
  2. Radeons are over=hyped. Get a Nvidia and just be happy
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    *sigh*since you guys won't help out a poor guy...

    Yes, that will run everything you will ever want. (At least 60 FPS on BF3 maxed, who knows for MW3.) Actually look at this, this is the benchmark for BF3 ALPHA. Your card will run it maxed at 64 FPS AVERAGE. My *** can run CoD so I wouldn't be worried about MW3 ;)
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