Adding ram, mixing brands?

I currently have 4 GB of Patriot Sector % edition ram in my pc, and 2 ram slots are open on my motherboard. I'd like to add another 4GB ( of ram. Since my current ram is patriot ram, can I add g.skill ram? Or do I have to find patriot ram for it to work?
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  1. did you check the spec of the patriot and compare with the g skill for voltage speed and cas it hard to tell without having any details on the patriot one
  2. same as you got here these ar 1.65 volts and the gskill are 1.5 volts you have to check that
  3. All I want to know is that if I add the g.skill ram, will it still work?
  4. there are the same cas only the voltage is not the same you could try them but i can not warranty there wont be any conflict
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