HELP-->GTX580 getting same score as GTX480+random FPS drops

Just swapped my GTX480 for a GTX580. Installed NVidia's latest driver from their website....then ran Cinebench11.5's OpenGL test.
I got the same score I got with my GTX480...about 66 points.....huh? :(

New driver no good?....hmmm lets see.

So then I unistalled the new driver and and put back the 275.33 driver I was originally using (with the GTX480). I had done all my benches on the GTX480 with that driver.

Unfortunately I got the same score. :(
PS. My GTX580 is highly over clocked too. :??: :(

Should this be happening?
I dont know enough about OpenGL Tests to know.
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  1. Oh....and....when I play a fairly simple game (compared to more recent titles) COD4 with my GTX480 and now also with my GTX580 I get random huge drops in fps....

    I go from a in game self limited 91fps to 26fps randomly in 10 second-ish bursts. :(

    Maybe adding my system specs could help:

    i7 2600K@4.5GHz
    Asus P8P67
    120Gb OCZ MZX IOPS
    Mirrored raptors for storage
    Win7 64bit
    16GB Corsair Vengeance mem
    1000W Zalman
    24" Dell 1920x1200
    275.33 NVidia driver
    Asus GTX 580 DirectCU II @920/4200
  2. I'd say completely remove all nvidia drivers and softwares from your 480 install first, then install 580 with manufacturer cd, then use the update on nvidia site after.
  3. I did that all ready.
  4. This is just benchmark, what about ingame?
  5. Thanks for the reply.

    Read my second post....from a governed 91fps to randomly dropping to 26fps in COD4 (CALL OF DUTY MODERN WAREFARE)
    This is kinda a recent development.
    It started happening with my GTX480 so I got a GTX580 to replace it because I thought maybe the 480 was going to diE.
    Unfortunately the fps drops with the gtx580 too.
    26fps in COD4 is pathetic for a GTX480 and GTX580.
    These cards should slaughter the game.
  6. Any ideas?
    Same bench scores and fps drops in game?
  7. help
    por favor
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