EVGA z68 FTW boot issue (error code 38 & 45)

Hello to the community!

I just ran into a strange issue that I have never been plagued with before today. Here is the situation: I have had my current hardware since about May 2012 and up until now I havent had any serious issues. This weekend I took my computer to a LAN party, everything was fine, was working like a dream. Coming home and re-setting up my computer, I came across these little obnoxious problems (post codes 38 and 45). I find it strange that something like this would suddenly happen now, as I have not added nor taken away anything (in terms of components) today. Following the issue, I checked on a number of forums and proceeded to reset the CMOS, as well as unplug all unecessary components and start booting the computer by gradually adding them back to the MOBO one-by-one. After toying around with the components, I have come to find that the RAM slots 1 and 2 (two closest to the CPU) present me with a code 38 error (and occasionally a code 45), but if I put the RAM into slots 3 and 4, the computer will boot normally. While I feel that it should be mentioned that I droppped the back end of the computer from a hight of about 3inches (system was off BTW), I find it hard to believe (although not entirely unbelievable) that such a small bump would potentially damage the sockets enough to kill the RAM slots (everything is securely fastened into the chassis).

Is there anything that anyone could suggest to fix the issue (outside of RMA'ing the MOBO)?

System specs are as followed:

EVGA Z68 FTW mainboard
G.Skill Sniper low voltage 1600 RAM Model F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR2 (4x4GB)
OCZ Vertex 4 128 SSD
2x EVGA 480GTX
WD Caviar Black 2TB
Silverstone Zeus 850W PSU

Thanks in advance for helping in any way possible.
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  1. Update on the issue:

    Apparently all I needed to do was reset the CMOS and then update the BIOS again and *ta-da* problem solved! I hope I never get a scare like that again lol
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