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PSU compatibility

Hi, i' recently on the verge of upgrading my graphics card (today, as of now) and was wondering if my current PSU has enough amps and voltage for this GPU.

My PSU -

My hopefully newly purchased GPU -

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  1. This PSU will work perfectly fine with the GFX card, theres no need to worry too much about amps/voltages, The card requires a 550watt or higher PSU, 675 is easily enough.

    The PSU has modules for 6 and 8 pin connectors, the GFX card requires 1 6 pin and 1 8 pin.

    However the following 2 have a higher reliability rating (80+ silver 88%)
    there a little more expensive but have a much higher ammount of modules and the 750 watt version will allow you to upgrade even further (2nd graphics etc) if you need.

    750 watt

    650 watt
  2. Does my PSU being bronze rated become an issue? I have to say the build quality of this PSU is excellent that i have, nice braided cables too :p but if it being bronze is a problem then this worries me :ouch:
  3. No... bronze is a good thing. Just like in the Olympics. A bronze medallist is a heck of an athlete, and is only slightly not as good as the silver, or gold medallist..
  4. Also i just read that my PSU is made by channel well and re-branded under thermaltake, and i hear good things about channel well made PSU's.
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    I wouldn't worry about Bronze versus Silver; there is no issue with the TP XT being a Bronze rated PSU. If you already have the XT 675W, then don't worry about replacing it - it is sufficient to power the 6970.

    Thermaltake isn't one of the more highly recommended brands because of some reliability issues. People tend to recommend Antec, Corsair, or Seasonic for excellent reliability/performance. Proximon has a recommended PSU thread for some more detailed info if you want to do some more reading. Again...there is no need to replace your PSU - it has sufficient power for your intended GPU.
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  7. Thanks rugger, i'm off to buy the HIS 6970 IceQ. Good times ahead :D
  8. Enjoy!
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