Palit GeForce GT520 Good For Gaming ?

Did this graphic card good enough to play LoL ? because i was bought it today and that chinese lie to me again. he said it 128bit but it is 64bit. i need answer :)
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  1. GT 520 isn't a gaming card.
    That chinese guy tricked you again !
    For a game like LoL which isn't really demanding, you will be able to play the game, no doubt, but you're going to have to turn down the settings and resolution. :)
  2. yeah the 520 is pretty low end but if your willing to put up with intellevision quality graphics then it will fit your needs :lol:
  3. i think 520gt is a more or less 9500gt with dx11 but u atleast need a 9800gt for gaming which is 4x faster than 9500gt
  4. im sad with all kind of reply. i think he will be dont want to swap anymore because it been 4 days already
  5. reply make me cry :( me so sad, what kind of response is that.... many moon pass and I no have gpu!? speak english
  6. you should have done your home work before buying the card.Nothing less than 5770 will do for the demanding games which are being released nowadays.
  7. ^agreed at least a 5770 id and depending on your taste probably much more of a gpu, but if the OP is concerned with 64 vs 128bit then im sure they havent a clue
  8. nah, im not true english. but i try my best to speak. btw thanks.
  9. get a 5770 and be done with it
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