Help me build a <$200 gaming computer?

my current pc is a 6 year old hp pavilion a1457c. even with a few component upgrades, its a miracle i can run sc2 and mw2 with it. however it doesn't quite cut it for the new shooters bf3 and mw3 or even black ops.

I'm looking to make a new gaming comp using as little money as possible, and i already know what cpu and gpu i want (intel 3.0ghz x2, 3x 1gb ram sticks and geforce 8800GT), its everything else that I need help finding.

whats the cheapest mobo that can support everything above and allows overclocking from the bios? a reasonably priced fan that allows some overclocking? and the mobo needs to support IDE cables or I'll have to buy a new cd drive =P. is it possible for me to use my old computer case? the system specs are found here <>
I'm not familiar with computer cases, but i think the one i have is fairly standard sized. if not, then whats a dirt cheap case i can buy? i shop off ebay and newegg
thanks in advance for the help and time
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  1. unless you have those parts already you can get a far mor powerful system using

    athlon X3 $70
    760G chipset AM3+ mb $60
    and 2 x2 gig of RAM $25
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