Gtx 590 or radeon 6990

i searched a lot about both the champs but mostly found that gtx 590 slightly beats radeon 6990.i dont know why but i found that radeon 6990 is more power packed for ex 4 GB VRAM(helpfull on huge resolutions),Unified shader processors 1536x2 in 6990 and 512x2 in 590,texturing units 96x2 vs 64x2,effective VRAM frequency 5000 vs 3141 for 3d and 600 vs 270 for 2d etc.After winning most of the hardware championships our boxer 6990 is loosing against 590.Let me know why? is there any tricks played by nvidia for better optimization of games sponsored by nvidia or really ATI is a looser(I DONT THINK SO).this discussion is going to help a lot of people to choose between lets ring the bell.
thnx in advance.
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  1. They are very close in performance. I went with the 590 b/c the 6990 is so loud. Nvidia has better driver support from what ive seen also.
  2. 590 for quieter performance and better drivers, and better tesselation/dx11 performance; id take sli over crossfire any day.

    However you cannot compare their specs side by side like you are doing bc the architectures are different, they are relatively on par with each other performance wise
  3. If you are at all interested in doing any bitcoin mining, the HD6990 is the only way to go; no nVidia card mines enough to recover even the power cost. If it is strictly for games, I'd be more inclined to choose nVidia because I don't like the noise of a GPU fan howling at me.
  4. i also agree with jtt283 because at ultra high resolutions such 3 or 6 monitors 6990 is gonna blow out 590.go to
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