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1st time builder and noob. I don't know what type of case to order to fit a ASUS P8Z7-V. Full tower, mid tower, mini tower? It will have a i5 3570k ivy and GTX660 if it makes any difference. How can I tell if my MB will fit?
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  1. Yep, its an ATX board so any case that support ATX and larger will fit it.

    As for which case to get is another discussion. I suggest looking through the Coolermaster HAF series or any Corsair case, they are all quite good cases and should cover your budget range.
  2. Your motherboard is the common ATX size.
    Look for a case that supports a ATX size.
    full/mid/mini tower does not mean much; there seems to be no standard.

    Some mini tower cases will only fit M-ATX or ITX which are are smaller formats.

    I might suggest the Antec 100. It is of good quality and inexpensive.
  3. Thank you all very much for all of your help. I decided to go with the cm HAF.
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