Need help upgrading my pc

Hey guys. First, i'm sorry that my English is not that good so u guys might have trouble undertstanding what im saying. 2nd, I'm trying to upgrade my pc but idk what to upgrade first. Should i upgrade my cpu and a new gpu or keep the cpu and upgrade to a better gpu
my specs:

Intel core i3 550 3.2ghz
Gigabye ultra durable 3 motherboard
Ndivia gtx 460 se
4 gb dd3 1333 ram (2x2gb)
ML249H LED monitor 24" ( 1920x1080 res)

will my cpu ok if i upgrade to a 6950/gtx560 ti or 6970/570?

this is the cpu and motherboard that i'm interested in:
i'm trying to sli btw. Thanks.
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  1. For gaming you probably should try upgrading the graphics card first . Games at high image details and resolution are almost always limited by the graphics card and not the processor .

    Check your power supply can handle the new graphics card and then buy whichever on your list tat you can afford
  2. Will it be a different from gtx 460 se to the gpu i've listed above? my power supply is 700w so i think i can handle those card in single well but idk about sli. so my cpu is ok right
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