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I'm building a computer and now I'm looking for RAM for my motherboard. I'd rather buy most of my parts and not have to return any of them because they aren't compatible. My motherboard specs say that it can handle 1.5 volt DDR3 memory. However, when I look at the specs of RAM memory there is a Tested Voltage and SPD Voltage. So if a RAM card says it has a SPD Voltage of 1.5 and a Tested Voltage of 1.65 what is my motherboard's RAM memory voltage specifications referring to, the SPD or Tested Voltage? If it's referring to the Tested Voltage then can my motherboard still use the memory if it requires .15 volts more?
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    SPD (serial presence detect) Voltage means rdefault voltage and tested voltage is at what voltages the rams cards have been tested. In this case your mobo will support the ram cards.
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