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Hi guys

I am looking to buy a single graphic card to run a 6 monitor setup. I currently have 4 Samsung 2442BW displays which are run by 2 nVidia cards. I'm buying 2 more of the same monitors and instead of getting another power hungry card I thought it might be possible to use a single one.

I mainly do software development so advanced 3D features and the like is not really important - I'd much rather just have 6 dual-link DVI-D outputs and low power consumption.

Can a single mini display port be converted to a dual-link DVI-D output? And can you recommend a specific card?
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  1. Typo: that would be 2443BW displays...don't know why I can't edit my own post...
  2. well if you really wanna use single card and dvi displays, you'd need an amd eyefinity6 edition card and whole bunch of active mini-DP to DVI converters.

    Though there will be some adapters bundled with the card, but not enough (?)
  3. I am not sure of the adapters you are asking about, but from what I have read AMD card are better at multi-display setups and they have more outputs for monitors.
  4. hmm looks like newegg doesnt have any eyefinity6 cards anymore....
  5. @ Kari: For instance this card

    has 6 mini display ports. So I was thinking that I could just convert each one to a dual-link DVI. Do I really need Eyefinity? Although it looks fun in gaming I like the OS to actually see the 6 independent screen for easier window management
  6. this

    well yeah yours is a pro card, the eyefinity6 cards basically had just 6 mini-dp outputs, the use of the eyefinity Single Large Surface thingie isn't mandatory, would run just fine as 6 independent displays as well...

    and if you only do like coding, I doubt whether you would actually need a pro card.

    but still active adapters will be needed for dp-dvi conversion...
  7. I don't need a pro card...and I like that price much better :)

    Great that the Eyefinity thing is not mandatory...I'm probably gonna try some shooter game anyway just to see what it's like in such a high resolution.

    Thanks so much for your help
  8. THey had the 5870 eyefinity 6 edition card that was a 5870 capable of running 6 displays from the single card -- ( INFO LINK ) -- which were just a bit more than the regular edition card and was the cheapest method but those are getting very hard to find.
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