Why is this i5 2500k cheaper than the 2500

as stated everywhere i look i5 2500k is more expensive i assume because it has the hd 300 over the hd 2000 thats the only difference i see

however here the 2500k is cheaper and 'UNLOCKED' (what is unlocked?)

2500k £155.99

2500 - 161.99
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  1. its cheaper because its on super special

    aria do super special offers all the time and are a reputable company--i use them all the time

    unlocked means you can adjust the multiplier to achieve higher speeds on a suitable motherboard

    most 2500k will overclock to 4.5ghz with a decent aftermarket cooler
  2. Unless I missing something it seems it's just on sale. I can't see any physical difference. Unlocked means it has an unlocked multiplier allowing it to be heavily overclocked. The non K version can only be overclocked a few hindered MHz no where near the level of the unlocked I5. With a good aftermarket cooler you should easily be able to 4.5 GHz with the 2500k.
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