Possible motherboard issues.

So I've been having an issue with my 7950 generating BSOD's left and right. Mostly during flash.

Steps taken:

-dmp shows atikmpag.sys error
-have ran memtest (results:okay)
-PSU Tester (results:okay)
-furmark (results: okay)
-RMA'd card for further testing (results: okay)
-chkdsk (results: okay)

My board was running okay with the 1GB card I had until I had upgraded. I have noticed after the upgrades that the Biostar logo started to display twice and my system would restart twice before loading Windows. This has happened on fresh installs tried on both Windows 8 and 7. I have noticed that when removing the mobo at some point that the northbridge heatsink came loose but restuck itself. It's happened a couple of times. I've sent my 7950 for RMA and am now using my old 6850 that has always worked with no issues. But now I get an occasional "AMD driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered." Never happened with this card before. And of course when the 7950 is installed, BAM!!! BSOD constantly. I've tried all PCIe slots. Same results. This is all with default settings with NO OC. I have tested my parts minus the mobo on another board with no issues. My card will be arriving this week. So I am grabbing another mobo. And I'm kind of at the point where even though I've never had issues with Biostar, I'm worried about getting another board from them. Probably going back to Gigabyte.
In any case. Anyone have any input they could add in regards to these issues?

Here are my system specs.

Biostar TZ77Xe3 Ver.5
Corsair 180GB SSD
Crucial Ballistix Tracers 16GB 1600 RAM
Intel 3570k
Kingwin LAZER 850w PSU
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    "I have tested my parts minus the mobo on another board with no issues."

    That pretty much settles it for me. I'm not fond of Biostar they have a cheap feel about them. I've used Asus for the past 6 years and never looked back.
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