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Gtx 560 ti and my old system


my old 8800gt 512 mb died and I would like to replace it. my configuration is:

core 2 duo e 8400
4 gigs of ram (2x2)
600w power supply
1 500gigs and 1tera hdd
tv tuner

what graphic card would you recommend?

I would really buy the msi gtx 560 ti hawk card, but I wonder if my config won`t bottleneck this card?

in a year or so, I`ll upgrade the main components, MB, CPU and memory, so, should I buy a graphic card to only replace my broken 8800 until the main upgrade, or to buy a performant graphic card to keep for 2-3 years?

so, what card should I buy to have a balanced system? around 250$ budget.

thank you
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  1. If you are going to upgrade to a new comp in a year or so i would wait on getting a high end card.

    I would shoot for something cheap that has around the same performance as your old 8800gt.

    I have listed the card that have equal performance as yours.

    AMD/ATI: HD 4830, HD 5670, HD 6670

    Nvidia: 8800 GT 512 MB, 9800 GT, GT 545 (DDR3)

    or if you wanted a bit of a upgrade, here is some cards that is 1-2 steps better.

    AMD/ATI: HD 4770, HD 3870 X2, HD 4850, HD 5750, HD 6750

    Nvidia: 8800 Ultra, 9800 GTX, 9800 GTX+, GTS 250, GTS 450

    Like i said, i would find the cheapest one i have listed above... i would even find it on ebay used cheap cheap.

    Then when its upgrade time. go all out. new everything.
  2. so, I would decide between a saphire hd 5670 at 80$ (in romania we have VAT of 24%, so 80$ is like 60$ in US) and a gigabyte silent hd 5750 at 120$.

    can someone tell me what the diference in performance will be between these 2 cards?
  3. if you want the 560 get it, my friend from work runs a 6950 and the bottleneck is there but the performance boost over his 8800GTS 512 is amazing, really amazing, like a new machine, sure there is more performance to be had but that will come with the next PC update.

    I say get the card you want/need now.
  4. I ran a pair of GTX560's in SLi on an E8400 and the true sign of a 'bottleneck' i.e a slideshow, wasn't there.
  5. ok, I love the msi 560 ti hawk mainly because of the performance/price value. still, if my 8800 gt hadn`t broke, I would never thought upgrading the graphics. so, I wonder, in 1.5 years, will 560 ti look like a powerfull card? I kind of doubt it. more:

    the msi card would cost me 330$. the above mentions solutions would cost me 100$. would I benefit in 1 year from a card that will then cost 230$? I bet I would. so, the variants are still: 5670 or 5750. please if possible, convince me of the better variant.
  6. If you're going to spend the money you may as well get something that's a little bit of an upgrade. I say look at a Radeon 6850 or a GTX 460. Either is significantly faster than your current card and even when you upgrade the rest of your system you can carry over that card to your new build temporarily or just add a second one to run in crossfire/sli
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    I suggest you get the 560 ti if you were looking at it, 6850 and 460 are good cards but the 560 is a good deal above them, might as well get a card that will be awesome, instead of just better than what you have (even though its a lot better)
    Saying no to the 560 TI is in my opinion a bad move ( i've shot low too many times and regreted it) 5770 when i could have had a 5850, and the ti 4200 when I should have got the 4600 and the radeon 7500 when I could have had the 9250 and so on and so forth, not the top cards but why buy on the lower half if you can afford better
  8. I always "studied" the market for the best card. I had 2: in 2003 I had the ati radeon 9600Pro as the better buck for the money and in 2008 I had this 8800gt as the same (I wondered a while at the 8800gtx, but it was to expensive at the time). If I would make a new system now, I would undoubtly have the 560 ti. I only still wonder if it would be a good choise inbetween major upgrades.

    if there is a 2x560 ti in sli without major bottleneck issues, one 560 ti would seem fit in my e8400 system.

    so, I am left with 2 choises as of now: a small improvement over my 8800gt with some costs, a hd 5750 or a major upgrade over my 8800gt with serious costs, damned to serve me well at least 3 years from now on, the 560 ti.

    not yet decided, since even I have the money, they were not intended for such a spent. it`s a balancing situation and I have a question to have a decision:

    how much time will the 560 ti give me the option to play new games at max out settings? will I have this for at least one year? and after upgrading the rest (mb, cpu and memory)will I still have a powerfull machine for those times? of course, I ask for estimates.

    thank you!
  9. This card will last better than a year at very high settings and when you upgrade the rest of the system you will see additional results but as you are going from a 8800GT you will see a decent jump, you mentioned you have the 8800GT and possibly looking at a 5750
    I currently have the 8800gt 1GB and a 5770 it's not staggering and I wouldn't recomend it (I picked up the 8800 for a second machine a year after the 5770 the performance difference isn't what I would call a worthwhile upgrade 560 ti will make a all the difference in the world my coworker does not OC his CPU and the gains as I mentioned are amazing 560TI will be the 8800GT of it's time, you will see reasonable gaming with it and your current system for another year then it might be time to completely overhaul (system) the GPU will still be powerful enough to play high settings
    Im still really satisfied with my C2Q but after a year and a half If I had the 5850 I would likely be gaming instead of blabbing on here but @1080P the 5770 is just shy of playable in my eyes
  10. my friend in the computer service just called me and told me my 8800gt is alive!!!!!!!!!! I can`t believe it. I knew he is a magician of its kind, but never expected this. a week ago he told me it`s dead and dead will be, and now... so, a year with my old and dear 8800 will suffice (though after thinking at 560 ti...) and in a year a complete revamp of my pc will start. next year by this time I`ll have a beast of computing but until then, i`m back right where I was 2 weeks ago and I loved it!

    thank you all for answering and for sure, I learned alot from you.
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