My $250 PC gaming case has turned 11 years old!

It's hard to believe that I'm nearing my 4th gaming build and I'm now barely replacing my vintage Maxcool gaming case. I bought this baby back in late 2000!! The price with shipping was a whopping $250!

It's been with me through the years of Quake 3 Rocket Arena, Counter Strike, Tribes 2, to Battlefield 2 and Team Fortress 2.

Back then this baby was turning heads at LAN parties (before we had broadband)and was one of the best gaming cases around. If I remember correctly the manual or paperwork it came with stated it pushes 400 cubic feet of air through it a minute. Pretty rare back then for gaming cases.

Since then the company - has gone under. I'm finally retiring it and have decided on the Corsair Graphite White 600T gaming case.

I managed to find an article (dated Jan 8,2001 ) about this case. I thought I would share it along with some pics.

My link
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  1. that was a pretty good looking case for back then
    I deal with alot of older hardware
    and the cases back then were ugly
    that one still looks good now LOL
    I just had to retire a tower that was in the family for a long time
    My ten year old daughter hugged it goodbye LOL
  2. I look back and wonder why the heck I spent so much for a gaming case. But I gotta say I got my moneys worth. 11 years is a long time and now it's time for another major upgrade. I can't imagine spending more than $150 now for a case.

    I'll also note.....and this is embarrassing....I've NEVER upgraded my keyboard since I first got a computer back in 1998. I've never had to, to this day it works perfect. My mouse too is old, got it back in 2005. It looks so worn out from all the countless hrs of gaming. lol

    I've decided to finally upgrade them too. I'm going to sell my old gaming rig cheap on Craigslist, that is as soon as I finish my build in the next 30 days.
  3. Yes it is time for upgrades
    but it is hard to let go of some things
    a new keyboard and mouse are going to seem weird at first LOL
    good luck with your build
    and really alot of great cases under $100 nowadays
    I had to do my new build recently on almost no budget
    so I went with a $15 free shipping case from Compusa LOL
    and yes it is a "razor box" and the front USB panel was pushed in and had to be glued
    but still does the job for now
    but the 50-100 USD range has alot of options
    enjoy :)
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