Can't open data connection FTP

Hello, i can't connect to an FTP im am hosting in the internet.
i tried almost anything:

Active, Passive, port 20, port 21, different Applications.

still cannot connect to it.

get the error: "can't open data connection"

can someone help?
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  1. are you hosting the FTP server behind your router?

    are you trying to access it via URL or internal IP?
  2. Beat, make sure you have port forwarding set up on your router. To verify that FTP is working on your machine, open up "My Computer" and in the address bar type: "ftp://localhost:21" (without quotes). If you get promted for a username and password then you know that the FTP server is in working order. Once you have verified that it works, log into your router and set up a port forwarding rule on port 21. Forward all requests on port 21 to the ip of the machine running the FTP server. If you do not know the ip of the machine, open up a command prompt, type "ipconfig" and press enter. This will return the network settings including the IP address of the machine. Good luck!
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