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Ive got our 5yr old PAckard Bell, she runs alright but with xmas taking money for other things she wont let me get a new one. So after utilising slim clean, full defrag, full virus scan, 120gb of pics and vids put to external HDD, im looking to upgrade RAM, currently only running on 2x 1gb pc-4200 Micron technology 266mhz clock speed On ebay have spotted 2x 1gb corsair dominator pc8500 800mhz clock speed its an old single core pentium 4 3.2Ghz (sposed to be the best single core ever made) but will this change give me a noticable increase in speed, my computer seems to lag when more than 1 tab open.
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  1. Yeah sure the ram will give a speed boost but not much. I'd say go for an ssd even the 60 gb will do. You can get it for $40 -$60

    Alternatively open msconfig in run

    Go to start up tab

    Close all unrequired programs. CAREFUL DON'T TURN OFF ANTIVIRUS

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