Which memory!! Im stuck :?

Hi i have just bought an asus sabertooth 990fx board with the intention of
Buying the latest fx cpu at christmas.
My problem is this. Money is tight atm so im slowly building this
Rig (baby on the way he is taking most of my money :D
So im using my 955BE with it atm. I want to get buy some ram and my intention is the buy bit by bit to max ram on my board which is 32gb
So im buying 8gb sticks. Now here is where im stuck!! All the ram im looking at doesnt mention anything about amd only intel. I wAnt memory higher than 1600mhz as i read fx cpus work better with this. Can anyone recommend any ram to me 8 gb sticks and ovet 1600 mhz (if this matters)

I was lookig at this
I know its 1600 but im still unsure if it will make a difference with the new cpu im gunna buy and its the only 8gb stick i can find

Many thanks
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  1. why do you need 32 gb of ram
  2. Tbh i dnt know. Just maxing out what i can
  3. just get 4x4 gb you will fill up all your slots go for this

  4. asus 990fx.....DDR3 memory.....probably the memory in the wrong slot..Also, there's a push button (MEMOK!)on the motherboard to correct the problem.
  5. Ye i like the Vengeance but i was thinking wouldnt it be better to get

    As FX cpus are meant to benefit more from 1866mhz?

    Only problem is it doesnt say anything about being compatible with AMD only Intel

    Can anyone confirm if this memory will be ok?

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