Replacement of my faulty nvidea geoforce gts 240

What graphics card with Divx11 capability can I replace my faulty nvidea geoforce gts 240 with in my dell xps 8100.

I do not want to replace the 350 watt Power Supply if possible.

The computer is over 1 year old and out of warrenty.

My computer is a ,
Dell StudioXPS 8100 : Intel Core i7 Processor 860 (2.80GHz, 8MB) 8GB Ram.

nvidea geoforce gts 240.

350 watt Power supply.
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  1. Get a HD6670. It performs better at just about everything, yet like the GT240, does not need an auxiliary power connector.
  2. Thanks for the info guys I'll check out if these are available to me locally. Apart from the fan sticking on the gts240 i need to move on to a divx 11 card for the odd game. Thanks again.
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