2nd Corsair Vengeance to fail within 6 months

Community my corsair Vengeance appears to have failed again :( the 2nd time in under 6 months and i want to make sure the action i take next is the correct one from my understanding statistically it might be another problem in my set up im running a asrock z77 extreme 4 and a seasonic 520 bronze power supply ive run windows memory diagnostic and just about to do a memtest86+ but i am better off just buying different ram? (which im learning towards) or sending this RMA?
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  1. What exactly is your problem, there might be a fair chance that it not failed at all and there is some other problem.
  2. constant BSOD with memory management failures, installing games just a systerm shutdown, google chrome playing a aww snap message
  3. Have you tried different combination of ram cards in different slots?
  4. yes from a1 to b2 (that's how there are describe on my mobo) and it seems alittle more stable because before it wouldnt even let me install windows
  5. ive just enable xms 1.2 profile to see if that does any better also matched the timings too in bios which ive also updated
  6. Do you only have vengeance or something else also installed with different specs like operating voltage, timings.
    Your vengeance is also of same version, operating voltage, right.
  7. just two sticks of vengeance installed installed from the same package
  8. I also hope you have all the timings, voltage set in your bios favoring the card. Try increasing the timings to 10-10-10-28 although I really think that this is completely a ram card issue.at
    Ast try resetting the bios settings and try again.
  9. it seems to be stable with the xmp profile on played planetside 2 for a good 30 minutes where before i would get 5 if im lucky not had any restarts in the last hour so hopefully its fixed ? thanks for your help
  10. no spoke too soon tryed installed windows 7 service pack 1 memory error blue screen of death
  11. You need to list all your hardware and the exact memory model. There are many different ram modules identified by the Vengeance name.

    You also need to include the CPU and state if it is overclocked. The memory controller resides there and heat or improper voltage to the CPU might also cause these symptoms.

    Or, you could need a BIOS update.
  12. Bios has been updated :)

    hardware as follows
    Sea Sonic S12II-520Bronze
    intel i5 3570k
    Samsung 830 SSD
    Sapphire 7850
    Corsair Vengeance Gold 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9G) [CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9G]

    at this moment im running 1 stick (4gb) and it seems to work just fine so far! so im thinking its the other stick also im running the momery at 1.35v with 9-9-9-24 latency
  13. could be the voltage settings for the NB and memory or just memory settings?
  14. I don't think the RAM is physically different than the 1.5V kits. It's just been cherry picked to run at the lower voltage. You might try bumping up the voltage to 1.4V to see if both sticks will run.

    How are your CPU temps? It's a small sample, but so far I've seen about 25% of these threads ending up with an overheated CPU along with the failing RAM.
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