Computer turns on for around 1 sec but fails to start

Hey guys

I'm having some trouble with a computer I've built over the last year.

I went to turn it on about a week ago after it had been off all night and it wouldn't start up. The fans all come on for about a second but then it just never quite manages to come on. I had the same problem in September but in the midst of trying to diagnose what part was the problem, it stopped happening and started workinbg. Ignorance is bliss and so I carried on with the computer working without any issues until a week ago.

I thought the problem might be the PSU, I had a Corsair TX650W (I was tempted to believe this might be the problem as I had some problems with this PSU being faulty two years ago and had to have it replaced by Corsair) however, over the weekend I bought a new PSU, a Corsair GS700. It came first thing this morning and I plugged it into the motherboard and lo and behold, same problem is occurring.

After the PSU I feel like the problem might be the Motherboard or CPU, hence where I have posted this. I don't know how to find out what the problem is so any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

So I am totally lost. I'm about to go and take off the CPU Cooler to make sure it isn't a heat sync problem but I just don't know what to do beyond that and am totally stressed out as I have two weeks until I've got some major deadlines and my work is stuck in limbo on my computer.

Computer Specs are

Intel I7-3770K, 3.50GHZ, 8MB Cache, LGA1155, 77W
CORSAIR Force Series SSD (Sata 3)
Kingston HyperX DDR3 3x2gb

So yeah. Thanks for reading guys, hope you can help please do get in touch :)
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  1. First rule out its not a bios glitch, reset the bios back to its factory settings via the jumper on the board see if it boots.
    If you are getting no bios beep code errors of any kind, and just a black screen it may sort the problem out.
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