Reviews for ZOTAC ZT-50705-10M GeForce GTX 560 (Fermi) 2GB

I have been Looking for a review for this gpu but Cannot find any good reviews; I was curious as to if anyone has any input about it... thanks in advance
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  1. You mean professional review or user review?

    I found 1 on Newegg:

    "Pros: Awesome card 2GB 256bit GTX560, super fast, Quite card. Cant go wrong with a 2B card

    Cons: Over Heated like crazy idles at 55C to 60C Gaming it would get to 90C to 99C tried everything under the sun to keep it cool but kept over heating so I had to return it. First time buying from Zotac which doesn't make them look good to me but that is my personal opinion

    Other Thoughts: I gave them 3 eggs because i re-funded it and didn't try another one."

    Personally I would stick to a well known brand.
  2. Yeah I found that review as well... But thats the only one... I was wondering if it could have been user issue or if the card is known for over heating... thanks for the response... Professional or Opinionated I dont mind either way... I just need a good 2gb card for around 220-240$ if possible
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