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I am currently running a single 570 with a Corsair 750TX PSU. I am contemplating adding a second 570 in a month or so, and was wondering if I would have enough juice with my current PSU to do so.
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    I run an oc'd I7-930 ( 3.8 ) , a GTX 570 SC, 1 HD , 1 OD, half a dozen fans and a water pump on a 750 watt Antec.
    My little Killawatt meter shows no more than 410 watts from the wall when gaming, that's around a 350 watt load on the psu, wouldn't hesitate to add a second card.
  2. You should be fine running a GTX570 SLI with that PSU.It will be close but your PSU should be able to handle it well

    Here's the power consumption specs.
  3. You can always accurately determine the power required by inputting your hardware into the PSU calculator at the link below.
  4. l4cer8 said:
    Corsair 750TX PSU.

    That should be plenty of juice. Even with 15% Capacitor Aging, It should still have at least 50 watts lefts for
    your needs.
    Ex, Sound card, 56k PCI Modem, Some Fans ect..
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  6. Awesome. Thanks guys
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