Slow torrent speeds (0.5kbs)

:hello: I live in South Africa and recently got a 384kbs uncapped account from Mweb. Everything is fine but when I download torrents I have speeds of 0.5kb/s. I have used different programs to download torrents but I still get this speed.

However, when I download straight off the net I get speeds of 50-60kbs which is pretty good (in South Africa). Is there a way to convert torrents into HTTP downloads?

Can someone please tell me what is wrong and what I should do. And could you also explain why and how to use a VPN and encryption.

Thanks in advance:)
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  1. cromedome, try downloading a heavily seeded torrent like backtrack 4. You should get super fast download speeds with this torrent, if not then something is definately wrong. Ask your ISP if they have DPI and/or block P2P connections.

    A VPN is an ecrypted tunnel between you and the device you connect to. If there is any filtering in place it will pass through the VPN because the ISP can't tell what data is being transmitted. I don't recommend a VPN to solve your problem, check that your firewall is not blocking any incoming and outgoing connections also.
  2. Thanks retellect. The torrents I have all have about 500-9000 seeds so there is no problem there. I will ask my ISP about DPI and/or block P2P connections.

    My firewall is not blocking any connections either.

    One of my torrents got to about 23kb/s which is not so bad considering our infrastructure in South Africa. However, The speed for all torrents now are ranging from 0.1 - 5kb/s which is still ridiculous.

    In the beginning of 2010 I had a different ISP, Afrihost. Same 384kb/s line and my torrents were going at about 50kb/s which is good, once again considering I live in SA. I canceled that subscription because they were moaning about my P2P downloads and threatened to cancel our ADSL, so I just did it myself.

    Thanks for all the help and I think my downloads should pick up again soon since my neighbor and my mother has the same ADSL package and get good download speeds...
  3. When was the last time you changed your ADSL filter? It might be worth changing it every two years or so. I feel really sorry for you man, I'm on a 20MB connection and its still too slow for my usage!
  4. We only got the ADSL package in the beginning of 2010 so I don't think I need to change the filter (I dont even know how to).

    And a 20mb line!! That is mad, the fasted in SA is 4mb and some ISP's are offering new 8mb lines which break the bank.
  5. My area just got upgraded to 100MB, have a look:
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