Board with IDE that can use newer CPU?

I am looking to build a cheaper system for the kids and I already have a IDE hard drive and DVD burner. Are there any motherboards or chipsets you can think of that would support IDE and a somewhat recent CPU (AMD or Intel)? It would save me about $60-70 to not have to buy those, so I was hoping to find something. Everything I can find seems like SATA only.
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  1. Right after I posted this one, I remembered newegg's power search. Found some high end 1155 boards with IDE, but then they are more expensive than a cheap H61 + rebuying the parts in SATA.

    I found some AMD 760G based boards for about $45. That and a cheaper Phenom/Athlon II might work.

    If you know of any other options, I'd love to hear them.
  2. Got for the AMD 760G, but don't blame me, if your prehistorical IDE drive dies via the win install. :-)
  3. that's probably not far from the truth! :)
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