Best X79 board for over clocking?

Preferably under 300 but can go to 320 ish if needed.

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    Best X79 and under 300 are generally not synonymous terms...

    X79 is enthusiast level chipset, and are not cheap. If you want a good OC board, you are really going to want to look in the upwards of 370 range, up to 600 even.

    In the price range you are looking for the only decent 2 boards would be the Asus Sabertooth or the Gigabyte UP5.

    I would highly recommend unless you already have the 393xx CPU to go with a Z77, much cheaper, and better clocking ability on a budget.
  2. Would the Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 be ok? It has similar features, and has better PCIe speeds but the chipset is X79 instead of C606.
  3. Definitely a good board :)

    However, people have complained that it is a "chore to overclock" and "Can't get past 4.8"
  4. Ok last question.

    Should I go with an i7-3770k with a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP7

    or i7 3930k plus a GA-X79-UP4.

    I know the Z77 probably performs better but enthusiast stuff is insane bragging rights.
  5. To be completely honest, the next system I build is actually going to be the Z77X-UP7 and an i5-3570k.

    That board overclocks like an absolute dream (current world record holder) and I have gotten to the point where unless I am going to go completely overkill for bragging rights (SR-X with a couple E5's) I would rather get better performance for cheaper, and drop extra money into another GPU.

    My Choice is the Z77 with an i5 or an i7 (if using it for gaming and day to day use go with the i5. If using it for a lot of photoshop / or video editing [not talking about a couple times a month here, talking hours daily] than go with the i7. Hyperthreading is not important in day to day use at all)
  6. Well the i7-3770k is currently only 170 in the Intel Employee Purchase Program so I might as well get the i7, if only for bragging rights.

    Last thing, what are the special feature of the GA-X79-UP4 compared to higher end boards, such as the Rampage IV Extreme or ASRock 11.

  7. Wow, nice deal!

    The RIVE and Extreme 11 have better powerphases, and OC related tools (memory reset, voltage monitoring ports, OC buttons on the MB itself) and better heatsinks. They also come with some tools and features (Asus OC Key, attaches to your GPU and displays system info on your screen) or the ability to use another computer to directly control the BIOS.
  8. So basically how do all those technologies translate into real world performance, how much more durability/higher clocks will you get with those technologies compared to the UP4.
  9. I can't give an actual number, but they are definitely able to obtain higher clocks, and stay stable longer.
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