Need help choosing a Motherboard!

Hey guys, I am upgrading my computer, and I am going to get the i5 3570 from here -

I need a decent motherboard as well, but im unsure what would be a good bang for buck motherboard. Overclocking isnt a big deal, and I wold like to have at least 4 usb 2.0's

I have an antec DF-85 case, so It needs to support the three usb 2.0's at the front of the case.

Please help im looking to spend no more then about $400 on the cpu and mobo combined
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  1. ASUS sabertooth z77 $200
    Asrock Z77 extreme4 $150
  2. Did i mention im canadian? im looking for canadian sites, like, direct
  3. You can find the motherboards in canada that were linked
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